Lack of Motivation… until now?

Anyone else feel in a slump when it comes to their skincare routine, blogging, videos, etc.? I have been very busy while in school but it’s now summer and I have a little break. Does that mean I get some videos done? Nope… It doesn’t help that I’ve completely fallen of the wagon when it comes to my skincare routine. My skin has been breaking out terribly and it’s awful. I recently received a free box of L’Oreal haircare products from Influenster though, which definitely helps give me a push to get back to blogging!

13012768_10156820138035274_5816749234503361010_nInfluenster sent out different types of the L’Oreal Paris products to people, and I received the  L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Nutri-Gloss Luminizer Shampoo, conditioner and gloss spray. I wasn’t too sure at first, since I have coloured and very dry hair, but was pretty impressed after trying it out! I found the conditioner really soaked into my hair and it definitely helped my hair but making it soft and manageable. I also found a noticeable increase in my hair’s shine, so the whole gloss part did actually work for me! I’m not sure if that’s due to the spray or the shampoo/conditioner or a combination of them all. I plan on trying out the spray on it’s own with my other shampoo to see if I still get that shine. The products smelled quite nice and not overpowering. My hair colour was already faded (from light purple to silver) considerably when I first tried these, but they did fade more after use. Therefore, I may hold off on using when I first have my hair dyed. I usually use a low sulphate shampoo which I find fades my hair slightly less than others, so will use the L’Oreal when my color has already faded. These are products I will consider buying again when I’ve used these up and I’m really glad to have been given a chance to try them out!


Potty Training.. fun times!

So I’m back! Well, sort-of. Unfortunately going back to university also means that I have almost NO time for anything related to blogging. I’ll definitely try to get back into it here and there though, but videos might not happen for a while. I have a teeny Romwe order on the way and had a few since my last video, so will try to get a blog post up reviewing the items with some photos.

As for today, I just wanted to share a cute picture of my littlest kiddo who is super happy that @InfluensterCA sent us a free package of Pull-ups. She loves princesses so ya, these were a good choice! With her older sister we were pretty relaxed on the training and just let it happen at it’s own pace. Doing the same with Tess, but she’s picking up on it super fast luckily! It definitely helps when the incentive of Sophia the First and Minnie Mouse diapers are there!

These are super cute, with pretty prints on them. They are also very functional. I love the way the sides attach/reattach without having to be torn. Big help when they pull them down too hard, since with the other brands if that happens they just rip and you’ve wasted a diaper. These also have a cool alert which seems to be helping her notice sooner that she’s wet. Hopefully these will help her be completely trained soon! #ByeByeDiapers


It’s Been Too Long!

Well, it’s definitely been a while. TOO long! It has been a crazy few months for me and my family and unfortunately this blog and my videos weren’t a priority. My two year old daughter was diagnosed with a scary rare illness called Kawasaki Disease. After 4 nights in hospital we came home but she is still having follow-ups on the condition of her heart and needing medication. Luckily she’s doing great right now!

I plan on doing weekly vlogs starting this weekend, and have two pretty big clothing orders on the way from Romwe. Haul videos! Whoohoo! I’m heading to university in the fall so wanted to get some unique clothing to wear. Sadly the site where I usually watch videos in HD and screencap is Dramafever, and they’ve changed their player to now show a big ol’ play arrow right in the middle of the screen when you pause it. So until I find a good HD player there won’t be any more screencapped shows! But don’t worry! There will still be lots of fun content to come!

REVIEW – Holika Holika Blueberry Juicy Mask Sheet

It’s been a while! The entire family being down with a terrible head cold doesn’t allow for much blogging or video making time unfortunately! I also have a few other things going on in my life that I will get into in an upcoming vlog (which I will make as soon as my voice comes back).

I find it really hard to maintain my skincare routine when I’m feeling sick. This time was no different, so my face now looks and feels terrible. It’s dry, rough and lots of fine lines are returning. So, so very bad and in need of some extra help. Well, it just so happened I threw a Holika Holika Blueberry Juicy Mask Sheet into my cart during a recent TesterKorea order, so let’s give that a shot, shall we? It does promise “vibrant skin”, and since I currently look like death, that it most welcome!


Opening it up reveals that yes, the name is right… it is oh so very “juicy”. So much so, that I had a hard time to actually get the thing unfolded. When I did, I was happy to find that the eyeholes were nice and big. There’s nothing I hate more than teeny eyeholes dripping essence into my sensitive eyeballs. I found the entire mask itself to be quite big, and as you can see I found it very hard to fit it around the bottom half of my face. That left me with this gorgeous wrinkly grandma look. But hey, if I can smoosh it down enough that my face is covered, it should still do the job!


I left it on for the full 20 minutes. There was no tingling, stinging, or any unpleasantness and it gives a cool, refreshing feeling. The scent is very nice, and I can smell blueberry – at least as much as my stuffed up nose will allow! After removing the mask there was a lot of essence to “pat in” and it absorbed rather quickly.


Final verdict: Decent, but nothing special. My face feels okay, but is still quite dry in places. I love it when I remove a mask and my face feels plump and.. well.. “juicy”, but this didn’t deliver in the respect. It promises to be “energizing” and the coolness did that, but I would have preferred to also have it moisturize and soften my skin better. Alcohol is the third ingredient on the list, which definitely didn’t suit my dry skin. This isn’t a mask I will be repurchasing in the future.

What are some of your favorite masks? Please leave a comment, I would love to know! Personally Shara Shara masks are the ones to beat for me! They add so much moisture to my skin! Thanks for reading and there will be more mask reviews to come!